AB-9000 Automatic Bagging-Sealing Machine

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M&R's AB-9000 high-speed Automatic Bagger quickly pays for itself by streamlining the bagging process, eliminating costly, inefficient manual bagging and sealing. In fact, when coupled with M&R's K-950 folder, a single operator can fold and bag up to one-thousand garments per hour. That's far faster than two operators could fold and bag using traditional methods. The AB-9000 can bag and seal up to 18 roll-fed bags per minute, and it's capable of processing bag sizes ranging from 10 x 13 cm (4" x 5") to 30 x 38 cm (12" x 15"). The AB-9000‘s touchscreen control center tracks productivity, including bags-per-minute/hour and production rates for each job. M&R's Job Recall™ feature stores job data that can be recalled for similar and repeat runs. The control center also includes machine diagnostics and can be electronically linked to many M&R automatic folding machines to create a fully automatic folding/bagging/sealing system. For example, the AB-9000 has an interlink that connects to M&R's K-950 folder. When the AB-9000 pauses at the end of a job, it sends a signal to the K-950 to stop folding. As soon as the AB-9000 is programmed to start a new job, it signals the K-950 to start folding again.

Designed for ease of operation and maintenance, the AB-9000 offers automatic bag threading for fast, easy setup and changeover. The servo-motor bag-drive system maximizes productivity with high-speed bag feeding and precise bag placement. The infeed chute uses a simple slide-and-lock mechanism to tailor the width of the chute to the width of the product. The multi-belt/pinch roller bag-web drive system holds the web securely and maintains a constant position for precise product loading and accurate sealing. The removable synchronized bag deflator eliminates excess air to give the final product a clean, attractive appearance. Although the sealing mechanism is completely enclosed during operation, a clear acrylic window allows easy viewing of the sealing process for quick adjustments. Compact, affordable, and able to handle bags of varying dimensions, AB-9000 improves bagging efficiency by reducing labor costs and increasing throughput.
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Features And Highlights


  • Automates the bagging process
  • Reduces labor costs
  • Increases bagging speed


Additional Information


  • Enables a single operator to fold and bag up to one-thousand garments an hour when coupled with M&R's K-950 folder
  • High-speed/high-temperature sealing
  • Slide-and-lock infeed chute
  • Trim seal trims the excess bag material for optimum product appearance



  • CE Certified: Built to specifications established by the European Committee for Standardization® (CE)



  • Color touchscreen control panel with onboard self-diagnostics controls all machine functions
  • Digital temperature controller
  • Electronic cycle counter for production rate tracking
  • Interlink feature signals M&R's K-950 folder to stop folding whenever the AB-9000 pauses
  • Job Recall™ allows operators to store operational parameters for similar and repeat runs
  • PLC (programmable logic control)



  • Automatic bag threading
  • Can be electronically linked to many M&R automatic folding machines
  • Compact, ergonomic design
  • Heavy-duty casters for easy mobility
  • Servo-motor bag-drive system
  • Synchronized bag deflator



  • 24-hour hotline is staffed 365 days a year
  • Access to M&R’s Training Center
  • One-year limited warranty
Air @ 6,9 bar (100 psi) 113 l/min (4 cfm)
Bag Material Thickness 1.0-5.0 mil
Electrical Requirements 110 V, 1 phase, 12.3 A, 60 Hz, 3 kW
Maximum Bag Size 30 x 38 cm (12" x 15")
Maximum Product Height 10.2 cm (4”)
Maximum Screen Width 41 cm (16”)
Overall Size (L x W x H) 97 x 94 x 132 cm (38” x 37” x 52”)
Shipping Weight 181 kg (400 lb)

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