Thank you Kevin and the team at RB Digital. As usual you have gone above and beyond my expectations to make sure that everything is perfect for our shop. I really appreciate it.

- - Alli Schaab

In 2008 my wife and I purchased a single head Tajima TFMX-C1501 embroidery machine from Brian Price. We were introduced to you at the time and enjoyed chatting with you while Brian worked out the details. Sasha delivered the machine the following week, set it up and then took the time to make sure we were 100% comfortable with the machine and ready for our first steps with DG/ML software. At the time my impression of you and your team was that of a team that worked together and placed customer satisfaction at the top of your personal and company goals.

Over the years I have always been impressed with the service from Rubenstein in Toronto. Tom-Kat Designs is likely one of your smallest customers and yet I have always felt we have been treated as if we were important and that our business mattered. Van has taken time to help with minor issues and you have always recognized us when we show up at trade shows and taken a few minutes to say hi. I only have good things to say about your products and the level of service received at all times.

As you are aware, just over 3 weeks ago our machine suffered a catastrophic failure. Initially it was thought to be the x/y driver board but in the end the CPU had failed, first intermittently and then totally. In the process of resolving my issue I worked with the Montreal service person, Parts in Winnipeg, Bill Bean and Van. Each one of them once again provided the level of service that I had experienced in the past with Rubenstein.

Due to at timing issue for holidays the repair process flow had a hiccup; Van was on holidays and the CPU and head was in the states for diagnosing the problem. You can imagine the stress at this end with our only embroidery machine down. I texted Van, knowing he was on holidays and may not even look at his phone. He promptly replied. Van had taken the time to find out the status of my parts. We were looking at 6 to 8 weeks. He gave me your name to call and to see if you could do anything to expedite the process.

That was just a week ago and thanks to your efforts we are up and running. I understand that involved getting a part from Japan in record time, reorganizing Van’s first day back from holidays to help us as well as making sure the parts sent to the states were returned to your plant for Van to use.

I cannot overstate our appreciation for the attention you and the team at Rubenstein have given to resolving our problem. While here working on our machine, Van was outstanding. He was extremely polite and his attention to detail ensured not only was our machine running 100%, but that it correctly communicated on our network and that I understood the new features in the upgraded software. I know you have many other customers and yet I was always able to reach you to get answers.

Thanks for your help and for making things happen fast to get us up and running. Sincerely

- - Tom Carr

Wanted to thank you again for the time you took last week to walk me through some of the issues.

You were very kind and patient not to mention very helpful.

I've been able to locate a couple of other firms in the local area here who seem to be able to better meet my needs and have generated acceptable dst files.

Final product still to come but I have a much greater level of confidence than I did this time last week.

Many thanks for taking the time. I can't speak highly enough of your customer service ethic.

- - Kirk Corkery

Bonjour Monsieur Baker,

Nous sommes une manufacture dans le domaine du linge d’usine et cela depuis environ dix-huit mois. J’aimerais porter à votre attention la qualité du services que nous anons eu avec Monsieur Jean Hamel. Il a été plus qu’un vendeur : un conseiller hors-pairs. Il a été une piece maîtresse dans notre demurrage et nous aurons encore besoin de lui, car nous prévoyons agrandir d’ici peu.

J’aimerails aussi mentionner, la qualité du travail et la disponibilité de Monsieur Michel Durand. En juin dernier, il étrait dans notre entreprise, nous avions fait l’achat d’une brodeuse chez vous et sa presence et son expertise furent trés appréciées.

Encore une fois merci pour le service professionnel et exemplaire que nous avons eu.

Veuillez agréer, Monsieur Baker, mes sincéres salutations.

Le directeur general

- - M. Claude Belzile