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i-TM | itelligent - Thread Manager A world's first! Automatic thread tension adjustment without skilled operators.

Higher embroidery quality is achieved by using a digitally controlled thread tension system.

Digitally managed embroidery finish

The optimum thread tension can always be obtained to suit the stitch characteristics. on-experienced operators can get to work straight away.

Improved production efficiency

Upper thread tension adjustment is done in one setting for all heads. Saves on the processing for embroidery production, quickly enabling full production Achieving a uniform embroidery finish Suppresses inconsistency in the finish of all heads, since it enables embroidery with the same uniform upper thread tension.

Fabric shrinkage is reduced

By supplying the upper thread for the next stitch in advance (advance feeding), the fabric will not crease easily, and a beautiful finish can be obtained.

DCP - Digitally Controlled Presser Foot

The height of the presser foot can be set to the material thickness on the operation panel. The Fabric does not flutter even on hard-to-embroider materials like leather, thick fabric, stretchy fabric and quilting.

  • Needles: 15
  • Position Marker, LED Lamp
  • Stand, Stand Tray, Border Frame, Cap Frame 2
  • Max. 1,200 rpm
  • Power Consumption: 1260W
  • Weight: 95Kg
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