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The Tajima Sumo super sizes your embroidery options. The Sumo offers an incredible 22 3/4" x 23 1/2" sewing field which can handle all of your large embroidery needs, such as Varisty Jackets, Sports Jerseys, Table Cloths, Curtains, Bed Spreads and much more. Go big or go home with the Tajima Sumo Embroidery Machine.


Huge Opportunities in a Compact Space! Versatility and mobility combined with easy-to-use features makes the TMBP-SC series the ideal machine to get your embroidery business up and running, quickly & easily. You can take on the most challenging jobs with confidence, knowing that the Tajima TMBP-SC can handle it all. Great for YOUR shop! The Tajima TMBP-SC Series is the perfect machine when you need to embroider large bulky items but do not have the space for a full size embroidery machine. The lack of sides eliminates size restrictions from left to right making the TMBP the ideal machine for hard to hoop items such as large bags and jackets. The TMBP is also great with traditional sized items such as left chest and hat designs. Slim Cylinder The ability to embroider on smaller items is dictated by the shaft of the cylinder arm. A smaller shaft provides greater flexibility for embroidering on smaller items that would otherwise not fit around the diameter of the shaft. Perfect for pockets, socks, sleeves and much more. Cap Frame Shaft The newly designed cap frame shaft provides stability to the cap frame driver. This added stability prevents the cap frame from vibrating during production which allows for greater production speeds with precision results.
A bottom clip also helps hold the cap frame securely to the driver. Make Money TODAY! The Tajima TMBP-SC Series machine comes fully assembled, threaded and ready-to-sew right out of the box. Receive it in the morning and start sewing at noon. That means you can begin making money today, the Tajima way. A Great Assortment of Hoops! Our standard hoop kit includes the following size hoops:
Size (Hoop Sizes Rounded for IN) Quantity Description
12 CM / 4.75 IN 2 Round Hoop
15 CM / 5.90 IN 2 Round Hoop
18 CM / 7.10 IN 2 Round Hoop
30 CM x 30 CM / 12 X 12 IN 2 Square Hoop
379 MM x 525 MM / 14.9 X 20 IN 2 Large Hoop
Wide Cap Frame 75 MM X 360 MM / 3 X 14.2 IN 2 270 Degree
Double the quantity of hoops to heads allows you to prepare the next garment(s) while the machine is running.

Product Features

  • Adjustable Thread Takeup System(Pat. Pending) Sewing quality is improved by utilizing an easily adjustable tension device located close to the needle.
  • Automatic Thread Tension Adjust thread tension automatically to ensure a smooth feed from the cone to the needle, resulting in crisp, clean embroidery even at high speeds.
  • Barcode Ready For all your applications that require a larger embroidery field such as Varsity Jackets, Sports Jerseys, home decor items, etc, the SUMO takes aways the pains-taking task of multiple sewing applications with its extra wide sewing field.
  • Specs

    • Maximum Speed: 1200 SPM
    • Needles: 15
    • Tubular: 14" x 19.6" / 360mm x 500mm
    • Cap: 3" x 14.2"/ 75mm x 360mm
    • Machine Dimensions: 30" L x 34" W x 38" H
    • Electricity - Single-Phase: 100-120V, 200-240V 50Hz/60Hz
    • Weight: 210 lbs
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