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The Tajima (TMAR-K1506C) is the most advanced embroidery machine available. The TMAR-KC series is the ultimate model born from the Tajima technology evolution. The embodiment of Tajima's technologies with high production efficiency, ultimate quality, overwhelming durability and performance. Advanced electronics provide a level of control never before seen on an embroidery machine.


Tajima's Cylinder Arm Type TMAR-KC Series is here! Technology for Elaborate Embroidery Detail! A newly developed digitally-controlled presser foot that can adjust its bottom dead center and each stroke for each needle bar (color change) has been specifically designed for the TMAR-KC Series. Quickly and electronically control the height of the presser foot to provide the precise presser foot height for specific materials. This will result in less stress on fabrics and increased efficiency. The TMAR will change the way you think about 3D Puffy Foam and embroidering on delicate fabrics. EASY Maintenance! By introducing the crank drive, a new driving system, into the embroidery machine head, overwhelming durabiity has been realized. Also, maintenance has become simpler, and the lubricating frequency has been reduced to one-twentieth (once in 6 months) Touch-Operation Display! This display is equipped with an intuitive, easy-to-use operation panel with easily identifiable icons, and a high-capacity memory that can store up to 40 million stitches or 650 designs. A Great Assortment of Hoops Our standard hoop kit includes the following size hoops:
Size (Hoop Sizes Rounded for IN) Quantity Description
12 CM / 4.75 IN 12 Round Hoop
15 CM / 5.90 IN 12 Round Hoop
18 CM / 7.10 IN 12 Round Hoop
30 CM x 30 CM / 12 X 12 IN 12 Square Hoop
510 MM x 310 MM / 20 x 12.25 IN 12 Large Hoop
Wide Cap Frame 75 MM X 360 MM / 3 X 14.2 IN 12 270 Degree
Double the quantity of hoops to heads allows you to prepare the next garment(s) while the machine is running.

Product Features

  • Barcode Ready All Tajima embroidery machines have built in technology to load a design to the machine with the simple scan of a barcode.
  • Digital Presser-Foot A newly developed digitally-controlled presser foot that can adjust its bottom dead center and stroke for each needle bar. The pressure foot van now apply pressure according to fabric, which is great for specialty fabrics and applications such as 3D foam.
  • Easy Maintenance By introducing a new crank driving system into the embroidery machine head, many new benefits are achieved such significantly reduced lubricating requirements. Lubricating frequency has been reduced to once every six months which is one-twentieth of the frequency.


  • Machine Speed: 1100 SPM
  • Needles: 15
  • Tubular: 17.75" x 14.2"
  • Cap: 3" x 14.2"
  • Min. Door Clearance: 34" W
  • Machine Dimensions: 132" L x 54" W x 69.6" H
  • Memory: 40,000,000 Stitches
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