Tajima (TFMX-IIC-1504-450) 4 Head

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Tajima's "stretch" 4 head embroidery machine is an ideal choice for a growing company that need to acheive production efficiency with small to mid-size orders. Plus the extra large sewing field makes it the ideal choice for shops who specialize in large designs such as jacketbacks and full-fronts. Four times the output of a single head embroidery machine, but not four times the price!


The Worlds Most Reliable Stretch Embroidery Machines Jacket Backs, Blankets, Duffle Bags and other large bulky items are no challenge for the TFMX line of stretch embroidery machines. With a larger distance between embrodiery heads, bulky items are able to be positioned in less time than on a standard model which increases production. Tajima's technological superiority has never been more evident than with the M Series family of computer-controlled embroidery equipment. Firmware upgradable groundbreaking proprietary technology acts as the "brains" of the machine. The Tajima M Series redefines state-of-the-art. The full color 6.5" Thin Film Transistor (TFT) LCD screen shows the design and location of the needle at any point in the sewing process, X and Y coordinates, machine codes and more. Standard memory is 2,000,000 stitches and now up to 200 designs can be saved in memory. Frame Drive is electronically controlled yielding a more precise stitch length and higher quality embroidery. Easily transfer designs directly to the embroidery machine via a LAN connection. Its a simple as plugging the embroidery machine to your router. Color information is automatically transfered with the design. Switching between caps, tubular and other applications is done quickly and easily to allow you to spend more time stitching and less time with setup. A Great Assortment of Hoops! Our standard hoop kit includes the following size hoops:
Size (Hoop Sizes Rounded for IN) Quantity Description
12 CM / 4.75 IN 8 Round Hoop
15 CM / 5.90 IN 8 Round Hoop
18 CM / 7.10 IN 8 Round Hoop
30 CM x 30 CM / 12 X 12 IN 8 Square Hoop
510 MM x 450 MM / 20 x 17.75 IN 8 Large Hoop
Wide Cap Frame 75 MM X 360 MM / 3 X 14.2 IN 8 270 Degree
Double the quantity of hoops to heads allows you to prepare the next garment(s) while the machine is running. Check out the full line of Tajima TFMX Stretch embroidery machines.

Product Features

  • Adjustable Thread Takeup System(Pat. Pending) Sewing quality is improved by utilizing an easily adjustable tension device located close to the needle.
  • Automatic Thread Tension Adjust thread tension automatically to ensure a smooth feed from the cone to the needle, resulting in crisp, clean embroidery even at high speeds.
  • Color LCD Control Panel Color LCD Control Panel- Programs jobs easily with just a few keystrokes; call up designs from memory for repeat jobs


  • Machine Speed: 1000 SPM
  • Needles: 15
  • Tubular: 17.5" x 16.5" / 445mm x 419mm
  • Cap: 3" x 14.2" / 75mm x 360mm
  • Flat: 17.75" x 19.5" / 450mm x 495mm
  • Min. Door Clearance: 32" W
  • Machine Dimensions: 111" L x 40" W x 67" H
  • Electricity: 3-Phase, 200-240V, 350/380/400/415/440V Single-Phase, 110-120V, 200-240V
  • Weight: 1230 lbs uncrated, 1550 lbs crated
  • Memory: 2,000,000 Stitches
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