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The Tajima TFMX-C1501 single-head commercial embroidery machine provides a large work area for bulky items. The larger machine footprint makes the machine a great candidate for options such as the Single Head Laser, Sequins, Lockrose, Cording and more.


The Worlds First Single Head Machine That Thinks For Itself Tajima's technological superiority has never been more evident than with the TFMX-C1501 (Stretch) single head embroidery machine. This workhorse has an impressive stance, can handle the most challenging of products and is ready for work 24/7. Standard features such as a Safety Beam Sensor, LCD Control Panel, Precision Thread Break Detection and 1200 Stitches Per Minute make the TFMX-C1501 the perfect choice for virtually any application. The TFMX-C1501 machine takes our reputation as the world most powerful single head embroidery machine to an entirely different level. Expand Your Palette! 15 Needles means more colors to unleash creativity. It also means a larger base of standard thread colors which significantly reduces time spent changing thread cones at the machine. Spiral thread tubes prevent the strands of thread from getting tangled along the travel path from the cone to the needle. Cutting Edge Options The TFMX is host to a huge assortment of options. The Seit SHL5 Option adds laser cutting directly to the embroidery machine. Decorate with Applique, Reverse Applique and more by adding the Seit SHL 5 Option. A Great Assortment of Hoops! Our standard hoop kit includes the following size hoops:
Size (Hoop Sizes Rounded for IN) Quantity Description
12 CM / 4.75 IN 2 Round Hoop
15 CM / 5.90 IN 2 Round Hoop
18 CM / 7.10 IN 2 Round Hoop
30 CM x 30 CM / 12 X 12 IN 2 Square Hoop
510 MM x 450 MM / 20 x 17.75 IN 2 Large Hoop
Wide Cap Frame 75 MM X 360 MM / 3 X 14.2 IN 2 270 Degree
Double the quantity of hoops to heads allows you to prepare the next garment(s) while the machine is running.

Product Features

  • Adjustable Thread Takeup System(Pat. Pending) Sewing quality is improved by utilizing an easily adjustable tension device located close to the needle.
  • Barcode Ready All Tajima embroidery machines have built in technology to load a design to the machine with the simple scan of a barcode.
  • Color LCD Control Panel Color LCD Control Panel- Programs jobs easily with just a few keystrokes; call up designs from memory for repeat jobs


  • Maximum Speed: 1200 SPM
  • Needles: 15
  • Tubular: 17.3" x 16.5" / 439mm x 419mm
  • Flat: 17.5" x 20.25" / 440mm x 514mm
  • Cap: 3" x 14.2 / 75mm x 360mm
  • Min. Door Clearance: 32" W
  • Machine Dimensions: 50" L x 46.7" W x 67" H / 1270mm x 1702mm x 1185mm
  • Electricity: Single Phase 100-120V 50/60Hz
  • Weight: 500 lbs
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