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The TCMX-61202 is a 2 head mixed chenille embroidery machine that features 6 colors of chenille and 12 colors of embroidery. If you need a startup machine for high quality multi-media embroidery and chenille products, then this is the choice for you. No more swapping back and forth between machines, now you can get the complete job done in one hooping and one place.


Top Quality Chenille And Embroidery On The Same Machine The demand for Chenille Embroidery is growing everyday! Once relegated to creating Letterman Jacket "Emblems", chenille has now expanded into the corporate, spirit, souvenir and fashion markets, thus providing creative Business Owners a chance to expand their operation and cash-in on the boom. And with the ever-growing desire for greater design sophistication, the demand for multi-media embellishments which integrate multiple forms of decoration such as chenille and embroidery, has grown to peak levels. As a result, Tajima developed the TCMX Family of "MIXED" embroidery/chenille machines, which feature pairs of embroidery and chenille sewing heads mated together on the same chassis. Now you can easily combine high quality embroidery and luxurious chenille into one design without the need for multiple machines and multiple framings. Tajima has combined all of its Cutting Edge Chenille features such as Automatic Tie-Offs, Frame Backward/Forward Control, Automatic Trimmers, Thread Break Detection, and Automatic Needle Height with its proven embroidery technology to produce the WORLDS FIRST mixed head chenille/embroidery machinery. These Flat-Bed, Bridge Type machines provide 9 colors of embroidery and 6 colors of chenille, per head combination. It also features many of the high-tech features found on traditional embroidery machines. Combined with high speed operation, a full-feature easy-to-use Control Panel and numerous other automated functions, the TCMX Chenille family of mixed machines is the most unique solution ever developed for fast-growing Chenille Industry.

Product Features

  • 6 Color Automatic Chenille System Automatic chenille color change system makes production of multi-color chenille designs quick and simple. Color sequence can be programmed into the design data or loaded manually via the control panel.
  • Adjustable Thread Takeup System(Pat. Pending) Sewing quality is improved by utilizing an easily adjustable tension device located close to the needle.
  • Automatic Lift-up Mechanism The needle, nipple and pressor foot are automatically lifted up for easier frame exchange operation.


  • Machine Speed: 750 SPM - Chenille / 1000 SPM - Embroidery
  • Needles: 12
  • Flat: 17.71" X 22.5" / 450mm x 570mm
  • Electricity: 100-240V 50Hz/60Hz
  • Memory: 2,000,000 Stitches
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