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The PRETREATmaker Basic is equipped with one nozzle. The maximum spray area is 36 cm in width and 45 cm in length. Width cannot be adjusted but length can be regulated in 9 steps (5 cm intervals).

Sprays uni and bi-directionally, and the spray output can be regulated with the speed of the carriage. Easy access to interior cleaning. The unit does come with 3 tanks (2 x 2 L Precoating, 1 x 2 L Cleaner or Water), with a switch valve it is possible to change between the different tanks. The unit does have a drain for excess precoating liquid in the back. The waste tank volume is 2 L.

  • Single spray nozzle
  • Pretreats up to 15’7’’ x 17.7’’
  • Small footprint (27.6’’ x 17.7’’ x 21.9’’)
  • Full enclosed unit contains spray mist
  • Adjustable spray length in 2’’ increments
  • Three tank system (2 pretreat and 1 water)
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