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  •  Instant and Easy Peeling
Instant & Easy Hot Peeling for Faster Production

  • Made In Korea

High Quality & Coating


  • Transfer at Lower Temperature & Shorter Time

Heat Press at 140 C at 10 seconds (No Heat Damage to Fabric)


  • Anti Static Treated Coating

No excess powder will remain on the film


  • Proven High Quality Film

Premium Matte Finish, Vivid Colour, High Resolution, No Oil, High Ink Loading



  • DTF (Direct To Film) printing works with almost all types of fabrics including 100% polyester with excellent results!
  • Unlike DTG Printing, RB DTF Hotpeel Film does not require pre-treatment and also uses on average 75% less DTG ink to achieve good quality prints.
  • Final printed products have excellent wash durability, stretchability and close to no dye-migration
  • The transfer has a very soft hand feel.
  • The process is much faster than Vinyl printing as there is no weeding involved in this process.

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Its recommended to use the film in a low-humidity environment (Under 50%), otherwise you risk the powder sticking to the film and transferring onto the garment.

Step 1. Printing

1. Place the film under the heat press for about 5 seconds to get rid of any humidity in the film.

2. Place the matte side of the film upwards. 

3. Print the image (CMYK → White) in mirror mode. 

4. Let the ink dry for about 1 min before applying the powder, otherwise the powder will be smeared into ink layer and will affect the final print.

* In areas with high humidity, we recommend to let the ink dry for about 30 sec ~ 1 min under the heat press before applying the powder.

Step 1: Printing


Step 2. Hot Melt Powder

1. Apply RB DTF Powder evenly.

2. Flick the film with your fingers to remove any excess powder.

Step 2: Hot Melt Powder

* It is recommended to wear safety equipment.  Work in a well-ventilated area. (the fumes from the powder could irritate the eyes, throat and lungs, which could cause allergic reactions)

Safety Equipment


Step 3. Hovering

Hover the heat press to melt the powder completely. * Ensure that the powder is fully melted.   

Hovering Table

*Note: Over curing will cause the ink color to change (burning) and the film to curl.