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The Prisma Auto Heat Press is the most popular model among our Prisma Family. Whether you are doing DTF, DTG or vinyl, this is the heat press for you. 


With the Auto-open with slider, pressure sensor, RAMLOCK & RAMSPIN systems, this heat press will be an added asset to your operation.


Optional Platen Sets

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    Compatible With



    • RAMSPIN System

      With self-developed "RAMSPIN" quick-change system, customers can switch between auto-open control and manual control.

    • RAMLOCK Quick Change System

      With this patent system, customer can change multiple lower platens with different sizes easily.

    • Dressable Lower Platen

      The special laser cut base allows users to thread garments over the lower platen without stretching them out. Simply load the shirt onto the platen and feed the bottom of the garment through the clearance underneath the lower platen.

    • Slide-out Lower Platen

      With the slide-out lower platen, customers could put or thread garments freely without worrying about burning hands by upper heat platen during this process.

    • Interchangeable Control Box

      With quality aviation connector, the control box can be taken off and put on easily. This helps machines maintenance.

    • Heat Platen

      Constant heat across platen with quick warmup time.

    Additional Information

    Platen Size:




    Pressure Display




    Slide-out Lower Platen


    Temperature Range:


    Heating Up Time

    356/20 minutes

    Time Range:


    Way to Change Lower platen

    “Ramlock” quick change system

    Machine Size(While Open):

    29.5" x 16.9" x 39.4"

    Packing Size:

    32.2" x 19.2 x 19.2"

    Packing Weight:

    110 lbs