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PRINT 4036 MATT is is suitable for transfer to textiles like cotton, polyester, uncoated nylon, mixtures of polyester/cotton and polyester/acrylic. For application to Nylon that is treated with any kind of coating, please test for suitability.

TURBO PRINT 4036 MATT is compatible with all current printers using ECO-solvent, solvent and latex inks. Due to a newly developed, self-adhesive PET film liner, even very small letters and motifs can be easily cut by all current CAD/CAM plotters after the printing process.We recommend using POLI-TACK 854 as a transfer tape and as a protection cover during the heat transfer. The PET liner should be removed warm.

The raw materials are ecologically inert, do not contain PVC, plasticizers or heavy metals (in accordance with Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Class I). We recommend evaluation on test material. Due to the various nfluences which occur from production and transfer of plotter letterings, consistency of the carrier materials and also washing and cleaning conditions, product liability can only cover the unprocessed material.

Application Instructions (heat press) :

Fabric Time Temp Pressure Peel Special Instructions
3 sec. 320° F Medium Warm
4 sec. 300° F
5 sec. 265° F
5 sec. 300° F Low Warm
Nylon Pre-Heat 5 sec.
Apply Nylon 5 sec.
300° F Low Warm Remove PET liner, cover transfer with silicon paper and apply for further 10 sec.
** Please consider to adjust the application time when using highly structured cotton or cotton mixture fabrics

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