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  1. Mechanical structure achieves high-precision printing
  2. Mimaki's Print Technologiesfor achieving beautiful printing
    • Mimaki Advanced Pass System 4 (MAPS4)
    • Mimaki Find Diffusion 1 (MFD1)
  3. Maximum 4.21m²/h productivity
  4. Reliable operating support package
    • New Printhead's ink-circulation system reduces clogging nozzles
    • NCU automatically detects and recovers clogged nozzles
    • NRS for maintaining productivity
  5. Mimaki's high-value added print with special color ink brodens the possibilites for your business.


UJF-7151 Plus
Printhead On-demand piezo head (6 staggered printheads)
Maximum Print Resolution 1,200 dpi
Maximum printable area 710 × 510 mm (28 × 20 in)
Ink Type/Color LH-100 (C, M, Y, K, W, Cl)
LUS-120 (C, M, Y, K, W, Cl)
LUS-350 (C, M, Y, K, W, Cl)
PR-200 (Primer)
Package size 250ml bottle (LH-100, LUS-120, PR-200)
1L bottle (LH-100, LUS-120, LUS-350, PR-200)
Media Size 730 × 530 mm (28.7 × 20.9 in) or smaller
Height 153 mm (6 in) or less
Weight 10 kg (22 lb) or less
Certifications VCCI class A, FCC class A, ETL UL 60950-1
CE Marking (EMC, Low voltage, Machinery directive, and RoHS),
Interface USB 2.0 Hi-speed / Ethernet 1000BASE-T
Power supply Single-phase AC100 – 120V / AC200 – 240V
Power consumption 1.3kW
Operational environment Temperature: 15 – 30 °C (59 - 86 °F)
Humidity: 35 – 65% Rh (Non condensing)
Recommended temperature range for stable operation: 20 – 25 °C (68 - 77 °F)
Dimensions (W × D × H) 2,193 × 1,572 × 1,273 mm
Weight 317 kg (Base stand weight is included)

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