M&R - MAVERICK Direct-to-Garment Printing System

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A New Pathway to DTG

Featuring a dual-shuttling platform that allows independent pallet shuttling based on the operator’s needs, the Maverick utilizes a process where images can be doubled up or independent, and printed in most shirt color combinations. The Maverick’s proprietary RIP software provides the ability to adjust many different print parameters and sequences.

Future-Focused Features

Industrial-grade printheads ensure day-to-day performance and peace of mind, knowing that M&R’s robust build quality and high-end components are present for the long haul. Heavy-duty CNC-machined main head assembly houses twelve printheads—six dedicated for white ink, while the other six support six-color hexachrome printing, allowing a greater color gamut.

Built-in Heat Presses

Two digitally-controlled heat presses use industrial air cylinders that provide consistent pressure to flatten fibers and heat the garment surface prior to printing. To further aid in accelerating the printing process, quartz tube heaters on each side of the printhead assembly speed under base flashing, which provide a stable surface for better colored ink droplet support that improves overall print clarity and color brilliance.

Quick-Indexing Pallets

The Maverick’s quick-indexing pallets secure garments in place, eliminating the need for spray tack. Standard pallet sizes are 40.6 x 50.8 cm (16" x 20") with a closed-cell rubber coating to grip garments, ensuring the best registration possible.

Make Your Mark with the Maverick

The Maverick is designed and manufactured for industrial level printing demands, with a fully-welded steel chassis, dual-bearing printhead gantry rails and a trouble-free magnetic encoder. Easy-access panels and interior lighting make print monitoring and maintenance a breeze. The ink supply cabinet houses eight 5-liter main tanks. Two tanks utilize in-tank agitators to keep the white ink from settling out, while an entire ink re-circulation system keeps all inks at peak performance by cycling them from the main tanks through the printheads and back.

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