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The Diamondback Series is M&R's line of versatile and highly-affordable entry-level automatic screen printing presses. Diamondbacks are available with up to 9 printheads and in 8 and 10-station configurations. Maximum image areas range from 35 x 28 cm (14" x 11") to 51 x 53 cm (20" x 21"). Diamondback screen printing presses feature servo-driven indexing to ensure smooth, accurate travel, and pneumatic screen clamps that facilitate rapid screen loading, hold roller frames without special adapters, and deliver excellent stability on a wide variety of screens. Each screen printing machine has pneumatically-driven printheads; pneumatic squeegee/floodbar clamps with tool-free angle adjustment; pneumatic screen frame clamps; and pneumatic squeegee pressure regulators with pressure gauges on each printhead for exceptional control of print pressure. Diamondback squeegee/floodbar systems offer independently-set angle and calibrated pressure adjustments; front or rear print carriage stop position that allows operator to leave screens clear or flooded; independent squeegee & floodbar speed adjustments; and visual reference marks every 5 degrees to simplify squeegee/floodbar angle adjustments. Adjustable rear stroke length with tool-free adjustment maximizes print speed. The squeegee/floodbar park feature facilitates setup and tear-down by simultaneously retracting the squeegee and floodbar and then moving them to the outside edge of the press for easy access. The control center features touchscreen displays with onboard self-diagnostics; a Maintenance Minder™ system that alerts operators when scheduled maintenance is due; an independent print-start/print-finish setting that automatically activates and stops printheads at the beginning and end of screen print runs; multiple (1-9) print stroke capability; multi-print without lowering the indexer; real-time production data; and a countdown program that indicates when the operator-set index count has been reached. Control panels on Diamondback C, Diamondback S, and Diamondback XL automatic screen printing machines are mounted on pivoting arms for easy access. All presses include M&R's Revolver Print Program, which automatically operates individual printheads in programmed sequence and allows multiple flashing without losing a printing position. M&R's Laser Locator System speeds pallet positioning and changeover, and it assists operators in the precise positioning of garments and cut-piece goods. Options include M&R's patented Optical No-Shirt Detector, which automatically prevents the press from printing on empty pallets, reducing misprints and minimizing press stoppage because of improperly loaded shirts. Optional Foot Pedal Control allows indexing of the press using a foot pedal. The Skip-Shirt foot pedal feature allows operators to bypass empty pallets. Presses can be ordered in configurations that allow them to fit through a 79 cm (31") doorway. Diamondback C, Diamondback S, and Diamondback XL screen printing presses can be ordered with an additional printhead for placement at the unload station, creating 7-color/8-station or 9-color/10-station machines for additional versatility. Diamondback L is a 6-color automatic screen printing press with a maximum image area of 35 x 28 cm (14" x 11") and fixed screen holders that accept 51 x 61 (20" x 24") screen frames. Truly unique, it's perfect for manual shops with limited space looking to break into automatic printing. At the same time, its high-speed servo and 259 cm (8' 6") diameter makes it ideal for larger shops interested in a press that requires little space—yet turns out tagless labels, pocket prints, and smaller-format images of exceptional quality. Diamondback L's heavy-duty casters make it easy to move around the shop—or out of the way when it's not in use. Diamondback C automatic screen printing press is similar to Diamondback L in size and affordability. It has a slightly larger diameter of 284 cm (9' 4"), but a correspondingly larger maximum image area of 38 x 41 (15" x 16"). Diamondback C is available in 6 or 7 colors, and it's perfect for those who need to print larger images, but only have room for a very compact press. Diamondback S was the first automatic screen printing press to bring servo drive to the entry-level user. It's available in 6, 7, 8 or 9 colors. It has a maximum image area of 41 x 46 cm (16" x 18"), and can accept screen frames up to 58 x 84 x 4.5 cm (23" x 33" x 1.75"). For those waiting for the right price on an entry-level automatic, the wait is over. Diamondback XL automatic screen printing press combines servo drive, large image area, and affordability. Diamondback XL is available in 8 and 9 colors. It has a maximum image area of 51 x 53 cm (20" x 21"), and can accept screen frames up to 66 x 91 x 4.5 cm (26" x 36" x 1.75"). It's the ideal press for large images at a low cost. The M&R Companies M&R is the most respected name in the screen printing industry and the world's largest manufacturer of screen printing equipment. M&R's line of presses includes automatic screen printing presses, manual T-shirt printing presses, and specialty presses like M&R's T-shirt sample press, athletic numbering press, and automatic all-over belt press. M&R's presses are complemented by a wide array of ancillary screen printing machines and by the online M&R Store, which features genuine M&R OEM parts and screen printing supplies. All equipment from the M&R Companies is built with M&R's unsurpassed attention to detail and commitment to quality, durability, innovation, and design excellence, and is backed by M&R's unparalleled 24-hour access to service, support, and premium parts.
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