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The HIX Little Pro combination printer/conveyor oven provides the perfect solution for shops that need every square foot they can find. You get the quality of a HIX Premier Bench Printer and the performance of the HIX E-2255 Electric Gas Dryer all in one neat package. This combination was designed to reduce the overall shop footprint that most independent screen printers and ovens require.
The neatly placed 4-color 1 station printer sets on top of the compact HIX E-2255 (a 120v, 22" wide by 5.5' conveyor oven).

The HIX Little Pro printer offers the same features as the time-tested HIX Premier printers, such as micro-registration, gas lifts, and rotary stop alignment. Because the printer is built just like the Premier, it's totally expandable.

The HIX E-2255 Compact Dryer is built with the HIX standard for quality and reliability, and it also provides all of the basic needs to cure plastisol inks. The HIX E-2255 conveyor dryer utilizes infrared heat panels to cure with less risk of scorching than coral tube systems.

Note: This dryer is not recommended for high moisture/water-based inks.

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