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  • High Ink Loading Layer: You can lay down more color / white to create rich colored decorated DTF prints.

  • Hot Peel: Instantly peel off the film after the first press.

  • Single Side Matte: Easily distinguish the print side.



  • DTF (Direct To Film) printing works with almost all types of fabrics including 100% polyester with excellent results!
  • Unlike DTG Printing, DTF Station Hot Peel Film does not require pre-treatment and also uses on average 75% less DTG ink to achieve good quality prints.
  • Final printed products have excellent wash durability, stretchability and close to no dye-migration
  • The transfer has a very soft hand feel.
  • The process is much faster than Vinyl printing as there is no weeding involved in this process.

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Additional Information

1. Print the image onto the matte side of the film in mirror mode. (CMYK>>White Ink)


2. Apply hot melt powder evenly and remove the excess powder. Use a Seismo Shaker unit - like the Seismo S20 - to apply powder with ease!


3. Hover with a heat press to bake the hot melt powder (340°F, 5min).   Or use a curing oven (300-315°F, 1min).


4. Transfer the image by heat press at 330°F for 15sec with medium pressure.


5. After the first press,
 Option 1: Wait for 4-6 seconds and remove the film gently
 Option 2: Rub the top surface with a cloth to remove some heat and peel off the film gently


6. Heat press again at 330°F 5-10sec with medium pressure to enhance softer hand feel.