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Mighty Hoop – Magnetic Embroidery Frames

Quick Overview

The Mighty Hoop is a strong magnetic hoop, which can be used on almost any embroidery machine. There is no need to adjust the outer ring of the hoop, because it holds the garment with magnetic force, and automatically adjusts for different thicknesses. Mighty Hoops reduce hoop burn, and stress on arms and wrists. You can hoop the impossible with Mighty Hoops, even Carhartt!


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Specifications ** Mighty Hoop with brackets for your Tajima Embroidery Machines
*** Frame size is dependent on field size of the machine
*** Brackets may look different than the pictures

** Contact us for a quote and for other available sizes, fixtures and stations **

MH-425, Mighty Hoop 4.25"

MH-55, Mighty Hoop 5.5"

MH-65, Mighty Hoop 6.5"

MH-725, Mighty Hoop 7.25"

MH-625X825, Mighty Hoop 6.25" x 8.25"

MH-95, Mighty Hoop 9" x 5"

MH-89, Mighty Hoop 8"x 9"

MH-813, Mighty Hoop 8" x 13"

MH-1010, Mighty Hoop 10" x 10"

MH-1113, Mighty Hoop 11" x 13"

MH-12X1575, Mighty Hoop 12" x 15.75"

MH-1316, Mighty Hoop 13" x 16"

MH-425x13, Mighty Hoop 4.25" x 13" Horizontal

MH-425x13, Sleeve Mighty Hoop 4.25" x 13"

MH-425x16, Mighty Hoop 4.25" x 16"