The beltless calender type GFC is designed for the fixation of dispersed dyes and pigments printed directly on the material. Flags, banners and backlit material are ideal to be processed on this type of calender. The stable temperature thanks to the thermal oil and electrically heated drum will give you consistent brilliant colours. Tension of the substrate at the infeed and outfeed is very well controlled by means of special weights that keep the substrate from moving. This machine is especially characterized by its low-cost features. - A low investment – no belt required - Low cost of operation - no protection paper required - Low cost of maintenance – no wear or tear parts of significant value The machine is easy to operate and suitable for all kinds of (thermo-) stable materials. There is no risk of ink staining by non-fixated material as long as it is sufficiently dried and the rollers and drum are properly cleaned before start-up. Heating up is quick, less than 1 hour and there is no need for a cooling down period before switching off the machine.