M&R Copperhead Pro Mini

M&R Copperhead Pro Mini

M&R’s Copperhead Pro MINI is an extremely versatile,
all-electric automatic screen printing press. The Pro
MINI is designed to use minimal power to operate,
doesn’t need an external compressor, and is a simple,
low-maintenance machine.

The sturdy and efficient design is able to reach
incredible printing speeds per hour for a wide variety
of promotional product applications. It is a simple
matter to quickly produce 10 – 10,000 prints on items
such as t-shirt neck tags, masks, HD logos and labels,
pockets, sleeves, socks, bandanas, gloves, jean
pockets, vests, underwear, innerwear, caps, transfers
and much more! By using the Pro MINI to print logos
& tags direct on garments, decorators can save time
and additional steps over heat transfer labels and
other less durable options.

By adding the optional mask pallets, the Pro MINI is
unmatched as a high-speed mask printer that is able
to reach speeds as fast as any operator can achieve in
prints per hour. With the combination of efficiency,
speed, and ease of use, the Copperhead Pro MINI is a
printing machine with huge value in a small size.

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