Exposure Calculator

130,00 $

Make just one exposure using an ExpoCheck test positive and the neutral density filter to test ten different exposures!

A high-quality test positive, each with ten identical test images: a halftone pattern (at 10%, 25%, 75%, 85%, and 90%), line work patterns in positive and negative, and a special fan-like pattern used to evaluate both resolution and stencil hardness. A second ExpoCheck positive is a nine-step neutral-density filter—so that a single exposure allows the evaluation of ten different exposure times. ExpoCheck, unlike many “exposure calculators” on the market, permits separate use of the neutral density filter positive with any other artwork—silver film positives, Rubylith® brand masking film, laser printed vellums and acetates, and inkjet prints on Ulano’s Pigment Inkjet Film—in order to evaluate stencil exposure times using those materials as artwork.

Alternatively, ExpoCheck test positives can be used with Rubylith® in sheets or strips, or with cardboard strips, to make Step Wedge Tests with lesser (or greater) exposure increments than can be made using the neutral density filter.