Tajima TMEZ First Impressions

Tajima TMEZ First Impressions

Hear Lee Stuart's first impression of the Tajima TMEZ SC1501 as it get's delivered to his facility. "This is an absolute beast of an embroidery machine packed with cool features like auto thread tension, auto presser foot adjustment and more."



Lee Stuart is the owner of Rogue Lab and an influencer in the screen printing, embroidery, digital print, heat transfer and graphic design spaces.

Lee has been in the industry for 4 years and has gained a loyal Youtube following of over 111,000 subscribers with his work ethic and no bullshit approach to documenting his journey through the print business. He also takes time to teach people the tricks of the trade and has created network of over 12,000 others in the business with his Facebook group Rogue Printers.

After starting his embroidery journey with a Melco embroidery machine, he realized that he just wasn’t getting the quality to meet his high standards. After doing his research he quickly realized that there was not a SINGLE machine in the industry that could compete with the Tajima TMEZ!

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