Autoblaster/ARS design provides a safer, simpler and extremely cost effective tool for reclaiming screens.

Autoblaster/ARS design goals include; eliminate hand held pressure washers that place operators in an environment where chemical and overspray is considered hazardous and to eliminate operator fatigue and inconsistency in screen reclaim quality.

An Autoblaster/ARS is a tool that provides exacting screen cleaning results with every screen reclaimed.

Screen reclaiming is no longer the worst job in screen printing!

Autoblaster/ARS is designed for screen sizes of 25" X 36", a primary screen size for the textile market. This design incorporates a conveyor drive system moving at 1" per second. When screen is placed on conveyor, it moves through the Autoblaster/ARS where high-pressure water jets clean both sides of screen simultaneously. The hydraulic power systems provides adjustability optimizing screen reclaiming results. Illuminated inspection station is mounted at screen exit point on the Autoblaster/ARS.

While emulsion softener and dehazer are still required in the reclaim process, their use will be reduced considerably by the enhanced cleaning ability of the Autoblaster/ARS.


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