How to Operate Tajima's Embroidery Machine Interface

How to Operate Tajima's Embroidery Machine Interface

Learn how to navigate your Tajima's screen. All with the help from one of our head RB Digital affiliates, @KENBLKWRK, along side David, RB Digital's lead embroidery technician. 



KENBLKWRK is a leader in Digitising and Embroidery. With honest, trustworthy information, he teaches you how to get started in the embroidery field and educates you on the best industry practices. 🤓

Since 2020, Ken has been digitizing and embroidering every day to provide entertaining & educational content to multiple social medias.

Over 80,000 Instagram users follow him as he showcases what embroidery is capable of. And he teaches his 16,000+ YouTube subscribers on the steps they should take to succeed in their embroidery ventures.

Ken has partnered with RBdigital to showcase the quality & power of the Tajima embroidery machine. After years of running his Ricoma embroidery machine he knew he was ready to jump into an industrial unit and knew that Tajima was best choice in the industry 🙌

Join Kenblkwrk to become an Embroiderhead and follow his journey with his awesome Tajima TMBP-1501 😃